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[Awakening] [Henderson] Power
Cackling, he advances on her. One hand outstretched, he reaches for her throat.

He shakes the memory away. He didn't want to remember that. But he couldn't seal it away - that was no way to live. Shivering, he looked around his new office, the office he shared with the other sabbatical officers. President of the Heriot-Watt University Students Association, he has a lot to do now - a lot to live up to.

She chants in High Speech, he laughs it off. As if her spells could affect him. He reaches out to her, stroking the curve of her jaw with a maniacal grin.

He didn't want to leave her. Didn't want to leave her alone. But then, he didn't want to leave himself alone with her. He didn't trust himself any more.

Splashes of blood around the sink, a bloody razor blade dripping fresh blood from a wickedly sharp edge.

He hadn't meant to lose control. He hadn't meant for any of it. He hadn't known he could do that... No, he did. That was the point. That's why he kept idling over what he could do - because it stopped him from doing them. How could he do that to her? How could he think of doing that to her?

"I could make it better. I could make you better. I could make this whole world better. So why not? Here, let me fix you..."

He shuddered. There was work to do; he didn't have time to reflect on this. He didn't wasnt to think about it. The very idea of it disturbed him.

"Let me do this. I need to know that you're protected - that you're safe from me. Why won't you let me?"

He'd put a lot of effort into that casting. More than he'd put into any spell before. Adding a portion of his own will to relinquish control of it had drained him more than he realised it would.

Packing his stuff, making sure it was all there. He kept glancing to the necklace she wore.

He wanted to be with her. To have her close, to know she was safe. Maybe this weekend? He looked at his calendar and sighed. It might be a while before he got back down there.

"They're not gods just because you worship them! The half-remembered words of men imbued with power beyond yours is not something to base a modern or future society on!"

It might be a while before he was allowed back...

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