Morality Optional

Ramblings of that which should not be

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That's rich. Laine looked at the words again. Unsigned, but he knew who it was from.

Rea. Rea. She didn't understand. Order must be kept.

She was given a chance, a lifeline. And that was the response. Two words, unsigned: "That's rich".

He picked up the phone; started dialing. He paused. One more chance. One more chance, and then he'd make that call. He put the phone down and clicked 'reply'.

Typing out his message, he sent it without a second thought. That was her last chance. He quickly typed a second missive and sent that off as well. Be prepared, they'd taught him as a lad.

He wasn't going to be caught wrong-footed. Too much was at stake. Order would be kept. He hadn't asked for it, he certainly hadn't wanted it, but he was damned if he was going to see it all slip away from him. This was his home, and he was going to keep house whether they liked it or not.

Everything would be just so, or there would be consequences. Every threat recorded, every miscreant dealt with. There would be order in his house, and it was his house now.

Now... the matter of Snaggle...


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